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[APD] Re: Selling plants online in Can.

I would be willing to sell the Hygro for the cost of shipping only.  I agree, 
that it is a necessary newbie plant - or for anyone setting up a new tank.  
Over this last week, it's grown quite a bit, and will easily fill a 15 - 25 gal 
I've got a Red Tiger Lotus that I don't want to just give away - I paid quite a 
bit for the mother plant, and think it's fair to recoup some the cost.  Anyone 
interested, let me know offline.
Same goes for the Ozelot Sword.

Jason Miller

James Purchase wrote:

I'd suggest that you find a newbie and give him/her the plants for free. 
Most of us got our start through the generosity of more experienced plant 
folks. I don't understand this current craze for "selling" your excess.

If you are looking to buy plants, rather than selling them - stay away from 
Ottawa Aquatics, owned by a guy named Robert Morrison. He has several web 
sites and offers great pricing - but he never delivers. All he wants is your 
money. He just stiffed me for over $300.00 (merchandise ordered and paid for 
but never shipped). He chased me for weeks until I placed an order for Dupla 
fertilizers with him. The guy is a con artist.

James Purchase

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