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Re: [APD] Re: Fried Discus, Mercury, Gmail, Fish, etc

Traffic volume on APD. Having spent much of my time the
last few years going through years and years of posts for
the column in the Aquatic Gardener, I have taken a look at

Activity right now is about 38% of the average level for
the fast 10 years and about 16% of the monthly peak levels
during that decade. However, the traffic level for this
time of year is about normal. This is the slump season.

A trendline, as a striaghtforward logrithmic function of
actual monthly levels shows that traffic has been, overall,
very stable on an annual basis, with predictable variations
by season. 

No plant posts are rejected, questions, answers, comments.
The APD is not censored although Lilstmom ocassionaly must
rebuke our manners. And I think just about every question
on APD gets an answer - in fact, usually more than one.

As for "new" lists drawing away traffic. That's hard to
say, there are so many aquatic plant forums these days and
clearly they have been sharing trafficers with each other
and sometimes siphoning from each other. In terms of posts,
many of them seem to build, peak, and then recede over a
course of several years. Posts are only a piece of actually
traffic but traffic levels beyond posts are hard to gauge
-- counting hits can be widely misleading for a number of
reasons, not the least of which is people merely searching,
regardless of whether they have found what they are looking
for, wrong hits, misdirections from a search engine with
obsolete entries, etc.

Otoh, AquariumPlantCentral.com and ThePlantedTank.net have
pretty clearly been seeing some terrific active

The more sites, clubs, contests, the merrier, I always say.
So long as folks with questions and quandries can find good
answers without tearing their hair out, I think that's the
most important thing.

There may be no one place to go for everything, but APD is
still a useful choice if you have a plant question.

Have plants, have fun,
Scott H.

--- Bill D <billinet at comcast_net> wrote:

> It seems that lately most of the postings have been about
> non-plant things.
> While these can be great fun for the participants, the
> subjects are not why
> the rest of us subscribe.
> Maybe that's why the list has been rather inactive
> lately, with only a few
> different people posting.  Not a lot of general interest.
>  Can that new site
> have siphoned off a lot of serious plant people?

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