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[APD] Re: Temperature, Thermometers & Mercury

Just to bring this back to aquatic gardening, see below re flourescent tubes...

Ann V


"Mercury is a persistent, bioaccumulative heavy metal toxin that is a State and national pollution

prevention priority. Inhaling elemental mercury vapor from broken thermometers and medical

equipment, such as blood pressure gauges, may affect the gastrointestinal, respiratory, and central

nervous systems."


"Additionally, the regulations newly identify four categories of mercury-added products, which,

when discarded, will be considered hazardous wastes, regardless of the amount of mercury in the

waste. These wastes may also be managed as universal wastes. The four categories of wastes

and their effective dates are: (snip)

· Mercury-added lamps (effective February 9, 2004): Fluorescent tubes and several other

types of lamps (not incandescent light bulbs) contain a small amount of mercury that is

necessary for their operation. Currently, most fluorescent lamps contain enough mercury

to be a hazardous waste, but some have a low enough mercury concentration that they are

not considered hazardous and may be disposed of with non-hazardous trash."

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Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2005 09:45:33 +0530
From: Raj <ggrk at blr_vsnl.net.in>
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Quoting the article from the link below:

"The degree of mercury's toxicity depends on the form and route of
exposure. You can swallow the liquid form of elemental mercury without much
fear because it doesn't easily penetrate the lining of the stomach and
intestines. On the other hand, liquid mercury vaporizes at room
temperature, and when you inhale the vapor it moves right from the lungs to
the bloodstream to the brain. A broken thermometer can release enough
mercury vapor to poison the air in a room­one reason why some cities and
several states discourage the sale of mercury fever thermometers. "


At 03/07/05, you wrote:
Oh, so that time I dropped the mercury thremometer in the kitchen and
picked up the mercury with my fingers and put it in an open cup on the
shelf for 3 or 4 years probably lead to all my brain misfires today....
remeind me to look into chelation therapy again.

Ann V

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