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Re: [APD] Re: Temperature, Thermometers & Mercury

--- Rhonda Wilson <rhonda at naturalaquariums_com> wrote:

> From: "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com>
> >Completely unrelated to my pinhead thinking, I ask, how
> >many folks actually enjoy water changes? Is it not still
> >the number three least liked part of maintaining fresh
> >water aquaria?
> >
> Gosh what's one and two?

Well, this won't be controversial, will it ;-)  ?

For newbies, the two worst parts have to be fish dieing and
algae, especially those newbies trying to keep fish in
plantless aquaria. The frustration of these two things is
probably responsible more than anything else for that large
portion of hobbyists that get out of the hobby almost as
quickly as they enter it.

For the veterans, number one and two, in no particular
order, are probably water changes and water changes. Coming
in a distant fourth would be cleaning the filter, not just
replacing the media but cleaning the filter.

For the household relations of the hobbyist (family,
partners etc), the worst parts are the cost ("Tell me this
$150 charge on the credit card bill wasn't for fish.") and
the water on the floor ("Isn't this supposed to be *in* the
tank?"). Of the latter we may note that it takes us right
back to water changes ;-)

Speaking of flooding the house, doesn't each one of us have
a laugh-about-it-later episode in our past -- even if we
didn't laugh about it later? Well, actually, I think you
have to laugh.

Scott H.
> I think water changes is about
> the only thing 
> that's a chore. And I usually don't mind doing those
> either, as long as 
> the kids don't interrupt me several times and I flood the
> house again. :)

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