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Re: [APD] Temperature, Thermometers & Mercurial Sense Perceptions

Here is a crude pdf sketch of how I had mine plumbed in. I used cold water, since I was changing only 10-15% of the water at a time. And, I found that I could trap water in the drain/syphon line so that whenever I restarted it I never had to turn on the water supply valve to restart the syphon. Local hardware stores have all of the necessary parts. This was easy for me because the wall behind my aquarium was the back garage wall, with the laundry tub on the other side.

Vaughn H.
On Thursday, June 30, 2005, at 09:43 AM, Adam Aronson wrote:


I am thinking of setting similar something up for mine. Does anyone have any
photos or a website that documents some methods for doing this? Yes, I know
it's not rocket science but I like to have some visuals as a reference.
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