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[APD] Re: De-chloramination

I noticed the comments on water changes and temperature. Here in AZ in the summer the water that comes out of the tap at it's coldest is warm enough to pretty comfortably shower, or bathe in. So in the interest of science, haha I checked the temps this morning. At 9am, after running the water enough to get the colder water that had been sitting in the house pipes out of the pipes, my cold tap water was at 88. I checked one of my tanks with the same thermometer and it's reading about 76. This is just an old aquarium thermometer so could be off but it should be moderately close. I sometimes do 75% changes and my fish don't seem to be ill affected. Though I usually do 30 to 50% changes. I couldn't do water changes in the summer if they couldn't take the temp changes. With 80 tanks I can't leave that many buckets around to get cool in the house and my back would never forgive me for lifting them all. :) I just use a python and put the dechlor directly in the tanks.

I do have to be real careful. I attach my python to the outside hose. I usually just drain the tanks separately because it's easier to get muck out without stopping up the hose, and I don't want to waste the extra water, and it's just as easy to get the drain working without running water through it. I just run it out the back door and into my fruit trees. Anyway I was doing this the other day and had run the garden hose to get the hot water out, done one tank, drained a few more and then re-hooked up the hose to start filling again. I started on a small (about 4 gallon) tank that had one female guppy in it and she started jumping out of the water. I stuck my hand in there and the water sitting in the hose had gotten so hot in the time that I had drained the other tank that it was very uncomfortable. Luckily I was able to grab the guppy with my hands and dropped her into an adjacent tank and she survived ok. But the water that was coming out of the hose was hotter than we have our hot water heater set at, that's for sure, definitely hot enough that I couldn't have left my hand in it.


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