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[APD] Re: Valve to restrict co2 flow from DIY co2 system

>>I currently have a 20 gallon tank that I'd like to have two

bottles of co2 solution going on but would like to have control over the amount of co2 released.

Julie -

You do NOT want to use a valve to restrict the flow of co2 from a DIY setup. If you do and the pressure builds in the bottles, they can explode. While it might be possible to bleed off excess pressure I think it would be too risky.

Suggest you vary the size of bottles, number of bottles or perhaps method used for diffusion or reactor. You can always add some turbulence to the water, HOB filter or airstone to reduce the amount of dissolved co2.

For lots of info on pressurized co2 systems and a little on DIY systems, see my web site.

Bob Alston
bobalston9 at aol_com

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