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Re: [APD] RE: internode distance

> > List:
> >
> > Which are the key factors that determine the internode distance in stem
> > plants?. Would it be the total light amount?, would it be the red to 
> blue
> > relation?, what about water chemistry?.

 Some time back we were asked about this from a list member who had very 
high light levels. As he knew, and as I assume you know, extended internodal 
distances are often found in terrestrial plants that receive insufficient 
light. After that post I had an unexpected opportunity to observe changes in 
internodal distances in my own aquarium. I had noted earlier that with light 
levels approaching 5 wpg that internodal distances were lengthened -- 
something I wouldn't have predicted from my gardening experiences. What I 
recently observed is that internodal distances are lengthened when nitrate 
levels approach zero and shorten when nitrate levels are then increased to 
the range of 10 and 20 ppm. I did not test PO4 and K levels when this 
occurred, and they could easily have been low along with NO3 levels. (I had 
injured my back and not added ferts for a period of time.) I am not saying 
that low NO3 levels cause extended internodal distances -- this is not 
science but a report of observations. It could have been something 
completely different that happened at the same time which caused the changes 
I observed.
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