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[APD] Re:Potamogeton octanclrus

Well the name is spelt wrong. Looks like someone read a "d" as "cl". It is
probably P. octandrus. An older name is P. javanicus. It is a fairly common
species here in Australia (or at least in Brisbane). It develops small
narrow floating leaves. Grows like a weed when I've seen it in the wild and
did quite well when I put it in a tank too. Here's some botanical info
Potamogeton javanicus     Haask.
   A 'broad-leafed' species. Upper floating leaves  narrow-elliptic, acute,
5 to 7 nerved, 1.5-3.5cm long x 0.5-1cm broad. Submerged leaves  linear but
tapered above and below, much longer than the floating, usually <2mm( often
<1) or rarely to 3mm broad, several-nerved. Fruiting spikes  dense, to 1.5cm
long. Fruiting carpels  2-2.5mm long, dorsally 3-keeled, the keels sometimes
not very pronounced, at times with a basal tubercule on the mid-keel;
carpels mostly prominently beaked. A rather distinctive species, with its
narrow elliptic floating leaves, and very long, slender, submerged foliage.

I was in my favourite pet store this afternoon and the manager gave me a 
bunch of Potamogeton octanclrus (it happens when you are a very good 

Kasselmann doesn't list this species, nor do any of my other aquatic plant 
ID books. Is anyone familiar with it?

The growth habit is "grassy" and quite attractive.

James Purchase

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