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RE: [APD] Re: algae problems

> Subject: RE: [APD] Re: algae problems
> Dear Tom:
> That?s a great article, with a serious study of the facts!. Did you also 
> analyze the uptake rate for Ca, K and Mg?. Are they similar to NO3 and

I predict they are what the relative dry % of each element/nutrient is. 
I can add excess Ca, K+ and Mg easily over a large range and still have
plenty always. They would never become limiting unless done so on purpose
or you have extremely soft tap water etc. 50ppm hardness/20-30ppm K+ is
fine, hopefully you have a 4:1 Ca:Mg ratio but you could do to add some.
Tap water changes also. I prefer excess since the tap typically drops which
will cause more issues than higher levels.  
If you add KNO3, you likley have enough K+, if you want to add another
10-20ppm per week in the form of K2SO4, that should not hurt.

You could add some aragonite or dolomite in powdered form, both will add KH
and Ca, dolomite adds both Mg/Ca and KH and is the cheapest and least

> My tap water has 3ppm Mg, 3ppm K and 18 ppm Ca. I am using MgSO4, K2SO4
> CaCl2, but the later seems to present some problems with new leaves, so I
> reluctant to use it.

CaSO4 is another option but is only partially souble, still better than
some things. Kalkwasser is still another option.

> Since your last response I am dosing 2 ppm NO3, .06ppm Fe and 0.5ppm PO4
> a daily basis, planing to increase dose gradually, up to the recommended 
> standards.  By now things are getting better with the brown algae (it has 
> stopped growing), but green algae does not present a tendency yet.

Well, here's the secret, go after it and remove and scrub off all that you
can, beat it back, then the green algae will go away.  
> Do you remember the names of the guys you met from Argentina?.
> Thanks a lot, and hasta pronto.
> Mariano

Tom Barr

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