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[APD] RE: Potamogeton octandrus

After a while searching I am not sure if this is the same plant but this is close to it as I can find

21. Potamogeton octandrus Poir. in Encycl. Meth. Bot., Suppl. 4:534. 1816.
åæçåè  nan fang yan zi cai

Potamogeton octandrus var. miduhikimo (Makino) Hara; P. miduhikimo Makino, Ill. Fl. Jap. 2. t. 54. 1891; P. hubeiensis W. X. Wang et al.

Annual or perennial herbs in fresh water. Rhizome inconspicuously present or absent. Stems sparingly to richly branched, filiform, terete, ca. 0.5 mm in diam.; dormant turions axillary, slender-fusiform, with 1â3 acerose leaves. Leaves dimorphic; submerged leaves sessile, alternate, linear to filiform, 2â6 cm à ca. 1 mm; floating leaves petiolate, usually alternate, approximately opposite closely under peduncle, lamina opaque, leathery, elliptical, oblong to oblong-ovate, 1.5â2.5 cm à 7â12 mm, rounded at base, acute or obtuse at apex, many-veined; stipules membranous, free from leave base, decaying early. Spikes densely flowered, with 4 whorls of opposite flowers; peduncles 1â1.5 cm. Carpels 4,. Fruit obovate, 1.5â2.5 mm, dorsal keel indistinct to distinct, obtuse to minutely undulate-toothed, with a short beak. 2n=28. Fl. and fr. MayâOct.

Ponds and channels, usually in slightly acid waters. NE China, S Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Hubei, Guangxi [Japan, Korea, Russia]."

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