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[APD] RE: Potamogeton

I have a very difficult time speciating pondweeds, so does the top
botantist and taxonomist in the state.
I doubt the LFS folks have much clue, even if they are above the expert
Someone gave them what they believe to be a plant, they are worse than
Cryptocoryne as far as taxonomy.
 There are many hybrids also well like Crypts.
Most grassy like plants are P. gayi or sago pondweeds(formerly Potamogeton,
now Stuckenia pectinatus) I've seen or Zannichellia.

Unless the person is a trained botanist in taxonomy, it's merely a
suspected species with this genus. 

Potamogeton octanclrus is not found in either Google nor Yahoo, nor APIRS
and other plant databases.
P ochreatus is found, P. obtusifolius, octandrus(Poir) as well, basically
they messed the name up a little.....

Species names are very easily confused in this genera more than any other.
See here:

This is likely your plant, but it's still just a suspect:

a pic:


You can go to their database as well as the APRIS's database and type in
Potamogoton and taxonomy.
Then wade through that.

You need a flower, no flower, you are making a bad guess at best with most

Tom Barr

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