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[APD] re: Blyxa

 >Some plants are not as picky, but my Blyxa flowered most of the time, no
 >melt of die back.
 >If it occurs as stated, why are my plants fine after 2-3 years and 1 year
 >of flowering(continuously)?

OK, you got me reading. Rataj also states that B.aubertii flowers regularly in
the aquarium. That confirms your description of the plant as a perennial and not
as an annual as I've read Blyxa to be, in a number of other sources.

 It appears to grow as an annual in nature, such as in rice paddies, but that
be because its temporary habitat does not allow perennial growth. True annuals
would commit suicide on flowering and fruiting, even in an aquarium.

I found this paper on senescence in annuals interesting.
http://www.socrtwo.info/senescence.htm The last three paragraphs relates annual
plant to death in humans...

Best regards

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