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[APD] Re: algae names

Art, on the algae finder, you have an error, green water is not Egulena, nor even in that division or Kingdom. 
Green water is Chlorophyta, kingdom Plantae.
They are much smaller than Euglena, roughly 2-3microns across and biflagellated, they swim very fast. 

BGA is on one species and is inducible through lowering the NO3 as well as organic carbon accumulation(these bind other nutrients that BGA's can use.

I've found 2 other species on BGA, but these are rare and non noxious.
The species that bugs us is Oscillitoria splendens.

Fuzz algae is Oedogonium BTW.
Also see the species name for the staghorn, I ID'ed down to that level.

GW will be tougher, I need a SEM and a culture batch and quite a bit of time to ID it.
It's just too small to do with a light microscope and the details are tough with Little Tiny Round Green things.(LTRGT's). Few folks work with them for this reason.  
I'll get to it later. Otherwise, most all the other algae I've ID'ed.

Tom Barr

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