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[APD] RE: Blyxa

> >It stopped  flowering, started
> >"melting", and in three more days was nothing but mush.   The only thing
> >changed was that some duckweed had partially shaded it,  although not
> >completely.  Any ideas?
> The vegetative phase->flowering phase->death in annuals that I know of is
> irreversible. If I want to keep any plant I knew is an annual growing
> perpetually I would _not_  give it the conditions it needs to start flower
> initiation. This depends on the species and where/when it grows in nature.
> Daylength, temperature, light intensity, water level, nutrient levels are
> usual parameters.
> regards
> Stephan

Yes, sub optimal growing conditions and the duckweed will have a bad effect
on many plants that like light.
You reduce the ability of the plant to make food basically after going
along at full bore.

Some plants are not as picky, but my Blyxa flowered most of the time, no
melt of die back. 

If it occurs as stated, why are my plants fine after 2-3 years and 1 year
of flowering(continuously)?
Are mine semi annual? 
Sort of annual?

This maybe true for many Aponogetons, but less so for this plant.
Even the Apono's are good if kept cool, my Blyxa wasn't kept cool though,
it was hot every summer.

Tom Barr

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