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[APD] Re: Buying mail order plants in Canada

There used to be a great auction site called aquabay.ca, but I think it's gone 
now.  I was out of the hobby for about 18 months, and it disappeared on me. :(  
I think DAD's Fishroom (www.dadsfishroom.com)in Edmonton used to do mail order -
 I think it may only be for pond stuff, now - not sure (Henry, do you still 
read this list?).
The other source, and maybe the best is from fellow hobbyists.  I think right 
now, the only thing I have to offer is some Sunset Hygro. var. and maybe a 
small Ozelot Sword, or two.  Maybe in about 3 months or so, I'll have too much 
Crypt. spiralis (it grows to be about 20" tall, and will cover the surface of a 
shallow tank).  Oh, and I have about 30 Cardinal Tetras I wouldn't mind getting 
rid of (all full grown & healthy)!

Another good source is the local aquarium club.  Some have auctions monthly, 
quarterly or (twice)yearly - you can usually load up at them.  You may want to 
contact Tropica to find the nearest retailer, as well.



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Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 07:06:07 -0700
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So IS there anyone can recommend for buying Mail order plants in Canada,
or do I need to start a new business?



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