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Re: [APD] <kein Betreff> -- Activated Carbon Filtration of ammonia -- or Passing Gas

I don't think it does at all, or if so, it is not very
effective. When fresh, it's fine for organic compounds and
chlorine but not any good for nitrites, ammonia, and
certain other chemicals. So, if you are breaking down
chloramines but not binding the ions to something, the
chlorine will stick to the carbon but the ammonia will not.

You can google for lots for references, but the short
answer is, if you want activated carbon to remove ammonia,
then you need a treated version of activated carbon --
i.e., you need an ammonia adsorber mixed in with the

Also, of course, once the bonding sites on the carbon are
all filled, it won't adsorb any more carbon compounds
either, althought some gas exchange processes will continue
to occur. It's mostly a bioculture site after it's been in
water for a couple weeks unless there is something in the
water or carbon to keep the bioclulture from developing --
like chlorine.

--- detlef_Ge at web.de wrote:

> Hi all,
> sorry for the old hat but browsing through the archivs
> has not helped much:
>  Does anyone know whether activated carbon can remove all
> or at least the gaseous part of total ammonia (NH3/NH4)
> from the water column and how it might react with these
> substances?
> Thanks for enlightenment.
> Regards,
> Detlef
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