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Re: [APD] paintball CO2 for a mini tank

My concern is with using a throttling valve to reduce the pressure of the CO2 in the cylinder to keep from rupturing the low pressure needle valve. That is very dangerous. A valve will not reliably reduce the pressure downstream of it, since the pressure reduction is a function of flow rate through the valve. If the flow from the needle valve is interrupted for any reason the pressure on the needle valve would rapidly increase to full cylinder pressure. This system would be safe if a relief valve were used to protect it from cylinder pressure.

On Wednesday, June 15, 2005, at 03:13 PM, Berne Kairunas wrote:

My big concern about using paintball cylanders for plant tank
injection is they use a light machine oil in that co2 mix to keep
your 'marker' (gun if you will) lubed during operation.  I would worry
about this oil being passed onto the aquarium and causing us all kinds
of grief.

Im not trying to say that it cant be done - i'm sure a quality bubble
counter would filter this small ammount of oil outa the system.

i dont have any hard data to back this up, Just my $0.02 USD.


-Berne Kairunas

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