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Re: [APD] c02 in a 5.5

You have lots of simple choices here. But essentially you
want to make the yeast less happy or waste off some of the

A few choices are,
insert a tee and bleed off some of the CO2 into any other
container of water or anything that offers some

How are you injecting the CO2? With a stone? Then raise the
stone closer to the water surface. With a ladder? Shorten
the ladder. Raising ladder and shortening the stone is
generally more difficult ;-)

You can always add some turbulence -- add a powerhead,
install a spray bar -- make a splash in your aquatic

Install a wet-dry filter, you can cut your CO2 retention in

Put a pinhole in the CO2 tube in the aquarium just below
the water surface.

If your room is relatively cool (below 70 degrees), you can
get a yeast that is active at higher temperatures but not
so much at the ambient temperatures in your fish room,
house, etc. A nice dry yeast that prefers temps of 70F or
above. Use this at 60F and it will "cook" slowly and not
stop until the alcohol is 15-20%, depending on the specific

There are a lot of yeasties to choose from here:


And you get info on the various strains at whitelabs.com Of
course, once you get a bottle started, you can keep the
culture going for ages without needing to buy more yeast.

I think you can add some extra baking soda -- the yeast
prefer acidic environments of around pH 3-5.

Good luck,
Scott H.
--- James H <spreerider at gmail_com> wrote:

> im injecting co2 through the yeast method into my 5.5g
> tank and im
> having problems with the co2 being at too high levels and
> its starting
> to stress the fish especially my cories.  im using a 2l
> pop bottle
> with 3/4c sugar 1/2tsp yeast and 1/4tsp baking soda and a
> pinch of
> salt, without the salt i get way too much co2 a constant
> stream infact
> and if i add anymore than a pinch i get no co2 at all, im
> wondering if
> anyone knows how to lower the production or should i get
> a smaller
> bottle and reduce the recipe?
> James
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