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Re: [APD] Tropica plants --

A number of years ago, Claus Christensen of Tropica wrote
about this and Art Giacosa replied. Both posts are
informative. What they said, is just a google away or you
can go direct to this thread recorded on Erik Olson's


There is also in the thread a lot of stuff on the best way
to ship small quantities of plants -- a debate that would
still be raging today were it not drowned out by the
lingering echoes of the color-of-water broohahah and more
recent who-makes-the-best-email-server controversy  ;-)  .

In TAG a few issues back, Karen Randall described the
Tropica operations in Denmark -- a very remarkable outfit.
Some of you might even have seen her live presentation
about the Tropica visit at one convention or another.


The AGA's Sixth Annual International Aquascaping Contest is open! 

Enter more than once. Enter entirely electronically! 

So, get some fresh alkalines for the camera, clean the glass front, back and sides, remove the filter tubes and burping clam, and start snapping the shutter. 

Not ready for picture taking yet? There's still plenty of time for planning, planting, pruning before the Septbember 15, 2005, closing date for entries.

All the info is here:

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