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Re: [APD] Re: off topic gmail

Threre free acounts. Anyone interesteed should simple try
them and see what you like. No need to compare descriptions
-- compare the real things ;-)


> ...but gmail has by far the superior interface. and gmail
> has a program / 
> algorith that provides you with advertisements to places
> such as 
> azgardens.com <http://azgardens.com> on the sidebar for
> pertinent messages. 
> Does yahoo just give you random banner ads?

The AGA's Sixth Annual International Aquascaping Contest is open! 

Enter more than once. Enter entirely electronically! 

So, get some fresh alkalines for the camera, clean the glass front, back and sides, remove the filter tubes and burping clam, and start snapping the shutter. 

Not ready for picture taking yet? There's still plenty of time for planning, planting, pruning before the Septbember 15, 2005, closing date for entries.

All the info is here:

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