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[APD] Re: Looking for SAEs..

That isn't quite accurate about Appendix 1.  Appendix 1 is definitely the most restrictive listing for CITES and it does essentially ban people from exporting wild caught fish (or other animals or plants) except for scientific purposes.  But Appendix 1 does allow for commercial trade of species on that list if they are captively bred.  Those individuals are then treated as though they are Appendix 2.  

For those interested in fishes you don't have to worry too much about Appendix 1 anyway as only a handful of species are on it.  Here is where you can find the official list: http://www.cites.org/eng/app/appendices.shtml

You have to scroll down past the mammals, birds, and reptiles until you reach the fish.  The left hand column is Appendix 1, the middle is Appendix 2, and the right is Appendix 3.  Again, only species in Appendix 1 that are not being captive bred are effectively impossible to import. Everything else can be done if you try hard enough.

Sorry to those of you reading this on the website, but I can't get my email to wrap properly there (everywhere else in cyberspace it is just fine).


>FYI, you can verify whether a species you wish to import, export, buy or sell is >protected under international treaty by consulting www.cites.org. CITES is the >international treaty governing trade in flora and fauna. You need the genus and >species name and once you have identified the species is not on Appendix 1 or 2 >you can wave it in the face of the person at the lfs. Appendix 1 listing means trade >in that particular species is banned. Listing on Appendix 2 means trade is >restricted. There is a third appedix which indicates individual nations have conditions >or restrictions.

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