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[APD] Re: Attacking Otos

Sometimes when I'm feeding my fish I see an Oto come up and start sucking on
the side of one of my Discus. The Discus just shakes the Oto off and they
both go about their business.

Has anybody else had this experience, why does it happen and is it anything
to worry about?


My ottos do the same thing all the time.

I doubt they're targeting the discus slime coat. They're such active little buggers swimming all over the tank and sucking on every other available surface. Discus have such a large body surface area it's not suprising that the ottos occasionally end up attaching to it. I've seen them land on the head of one of my SAEs too. That doesn't happen very often ;-)

Don't think it's anything to worry about. My discus and ottos have been living happily together for 15 months now.


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