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[APD] Re: Looking for SAEs..

> Or, is there a place in NA from which I can order them and have them
> shipped diretly to me (in a relatively small quantity, and with
> reasonable certainty that I will actually get the fish I'm looking
> for)?

Arizona Aquatic Gardens sells them, and they guarantee they are the real
deal.  You can order juveniles (1 inch) at $2.99 each (minimum 6) or adults
(2 inch) at $4.99 each (no minimum).  However, they say there can be a wait
on the fish, up to 2 weeks+, and they do have a minimum total order of
$35.00, and a box fee of $5 on the fish.

I've ordered plants from them before and had good service.


I'd be interested to hear if anyone has had success breeding these
characters in captivity.  I had two exhibit what I assumed was some very
interesting courtship behavior, but couldn't find any info on it on the web.

Terry S. in AZ

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