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Re: [APD] Re: Looking for SAEs..

FYI, you can verify whether a species you wish to import, export, buy or sell is protected under international treaty by consulting www.cites.org. CITES is the international treaty governing trade in flora and fauna.  You need the genus and species name and once you have identified the species is not on Appendix 1 or 2  you can wave it in the face of the person at the lfs.  Appendix 1 listing means trade in that particular species is banned.  Listing on Appendix 2 means trade is restricted.  There is a third appedix which indicates individual nations have conditions or restrictions.
gbooth at frii_com wrote:
> Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2005 16:48:14 -0400
> From: Thomas Narten 
> My LFS has tried to get SAEs, but has been unsuccessful. Indeed, one
> of their (more trusted) distributers told them "they are endangered",
> hence one can't get them anymore. I assume this is nonsense? Anyone
> know more?

Nonsense. In this case, "endangered" means "I don't want to bother since
African Cichlids generate more profit".

> More to the point, can anyone point to a distributer that carries
> them? My LFS would be happy to order them from a new source, if they
> thought there was a decent chance they'd actually get the real thing.

Arizona Aquatic Gardens has them. We just bought some from them and
the SAE are the real thing.

> Or, is there a place in NA from which I can order them and have them
> shipped diretly to me (in a relatively small quantity, and with
> reasonable certainty that I will actually get the fish I'm looking
> for)?

AAG sells to both stores and hobbyists.

The SAE they have are small amd fragile. Buy a good number and sell extra
survivors to friends.

They are shipped Fedex Overnight and AAG knows loophole in the Fedex
shipping thing. They ship them Next Day (i.e., afternoon delivery) but
will mark them "Hold" and you can pick them up yourself first thing in the
morning. Check your local Fedex place for pickup time (ours was 9 AM).

AAG is excellent to deal with - I couldn't be happier with the results.

George Booth
Ft. Collins, CO

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