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Re: [APD] Looking for SAEs..

Just anecdotal info from NJ: I have found their
availability to to be sporadic and often the stock is fry
or barely past that. 

And sometimes, when the lfs around that stocks more than
just the top ten hit parade of fish, when that store stocks
them, it can't sell them for weeks -- so it doesn't order
them again for about 6 months or more. So they only seem to
come into the store about one time per year.

Many of the folks that want algae eating fish mistakenly
buy the mucous-sucking fish so commonly labeled "algae
eaters", which always seem to be stocked and restocked in
fish stores everywhere  --- a selfperpetuating mythology of
supply and demand.

The plant folk are a small group, but the numbers are


--- Thomas Narten <narten at cs_duke.edu> wrote:

> My LFS has tried to get SAEs, but has been unsuccessful.
> Indeed, one
> of their (more trusted) distributers told them "they are
> endangered",
> hence one can't get them anymore. I assume this is
> nonsense? Anyone
> know more?
> More to the point, can anyone point to a distributer that
> carries
> them? My LFS would be happy to order them from a new
> source, if they
> thought there was a decent chance they'd actually get the
> real thing.
> Or, is there a place in NA from which I can order them
> and have them
> shipped diretly to me (in a relatively small quantity,
> and with
> reasonable certainty that I will actually get the fish
> I'm looking
> for)?
> Also, I've heard heard from one other store that
> sometimes gets them
> that in practice SAEs get netted with other similar fish,
> and that no
> one really bothers id-ing them properly in the trade.
> Thus, the best
> luck one can have is to just order flying foxes and hope
> you get some
> SAEs thrown in. Certainly, I've seen fish in stores that
> are too small
> to ID properly...
> Finally, I assume that SAEs are all wild-caught. Is their
> availability
> also seasonal? I.e., are some times of the year better
> for finding
> them? Or can they be easily obtained at any time of the
> year?
> Thomas
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