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[APD] Looking for SAEs..

My LFS has tried to get SAEs, but has been unsuccessful. Indeed, one
of their (more trusted) distributers told them "they are endangered",
hence one can't get them anymore. I assume this is nonsense? Anyone
know more?

More to the point, can anyone point to a distributer that carries
them? My LFS would be happy to order them from a new source, if they
thought there was a decent chance they'd actually get the real thing.

Or, is there a place in NA from which I can order them and have them
shipped diretly to me (in a relatively small quantity, and with
reasonable certainty that I will actually get the fish I'm looking

Also, I've heard heard from one other store that sometimes gets them
that in practice SAEs get netted with other similar fish, and that no
one really bothers id-ing them properly in the trade. Thus, the best
luck one can have is to just order flying foxes and hope you get some
SAEs thrown in. Certainly, I've seen fish in stores that are too small
to ID properly...

Finally, I assume that SAEs are all wild-caught. Is their availability
also seasonal? I.e., are some times of the year better for finding
them? Or can they be easily obtained at any time of the year?

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