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[APD] Re: anyone running T5's?6

I totally agree with what Richard wrote - new bulbs do make a huge difference.  
However, the bulbs I replaced were less than a month old - there was a 5W 
difference between each bulb.  Over a 30gal tank, that's a 33% increase in 


Richard wrote:
At 08:54 AM 6/6/2005 -0700, you wrote:
>I've replaced 2 of 3 T8s with a couple of T6s.  I never heard of a T6 bulb 
>until I was going thru the local Big Al's, and they had a full range of
bulbs - 
>just like the T8s.  They put out a bit more light than the T8s and are a bit 
>warmer, but the plants sure like it!  
>I've upped the CO2 and nutrients a bit, and now it looks like I've poured 
>champaign into my tank w. all the pearling!  Excellent growth, and algae are 
>dying back.

Don't underestimate the point that they're new bulbs which always
work better than the ones you replace. Light decay is sharp at the beginning
then drops off to a slower rate of decay; but when you first turn them
on they're brighter than they'll ever be again.

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