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[APD] 225 gallon tank for sale in Montgomery, Alabama (really cheap too!)

I'm moving to a new house and building a new aquarium for it, so my old
setup will be for sale in a few weeks after I move my plants and fish to the
new tank.

Here's a link to the basic ad, there are more pictures in the link in my

Obviously, I'm not going to ship the tank. You'd need to pick it up. Bring
strong help, the empty tank weighs 300 pounds. At least the stand and hood
are lighter. :)

If you are interested, contact me directly, please do not reply to the
entire plant list. 

If you have any interest in the Medusa heater/chiller controller, or
Sandpoint pH controller, let me know, they are being replaced by an "all in
one" controller in the new tank.

Jon Wilson

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