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Re: [APD] anyone running T5's?

S. Hieber wrote:
T8s were designed to be used in office lighting -- to fill
the need for energy conservation and less mercury. That
huge commerical market is largely responsible for T8s
becoming so inexpensive.

T5HOs, might make it into offices, but they aren't meant as
T8 replacements are they?

Yes and No
There are two types of T5 out there.

HE (high efficiency) and HO (High output)
I do not know much about the american marked but here the T5 HE are making their way into offices due to the long lifetime and efficiency.

T5 HO has become quite popular in the aquarium society here because they give a lott of light and need less space than the traditional T8.

The biggest drawback of T5 is of course the prise and the availability.

Best regards
Arild Madsen
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