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Re: [APD] anyone running T5's?

A 4-foot T5HO is essentially the same the bulb as a 55w PC
(which is also a 5/12s" tube diameter) except that the tube
is not folded in half. The energy efficiencies are very
close -- they vary more from one brand of T5HO to another
or one brand of PC55w to another than do the two shapes of

Because the tube is not folded in half, there is slightly
less of the light from one tube striking against the other.
So the effective output can be slightly higher if the T5HOs
are not placed too close together.

Operationally, they are very similar and you can, in fact,
run one on a ballast that will operate the other.

Basically, T5HOs are not new technology, just another new
shape added to the counts varieties of shapes for
high-ouput, electronically ballasted, fluorescent bulbs.

Once production is suitably ramped up and they become more
widely used, the prices should drop down to he levels of
other bulbs that have the same electrical and lighting

Scott H.
--- "S. Lardizabal" <slardizabal at comcast_net> wrote:

> Does anyone here run T5's on their tanks?  I know its
> still a kinda new technology but I was hoping someone
> here had taken the plunge with them.  I hear they put out
> a lot more light than the average T12 or T8 because of
> the smaller diameter.. and are even better than PC/CF's
> (?).  
> I want to replace a fixture with 6700K 96W PC light and
> was hoping to put in its place 4 18W 6700K T5's.  Do we
> think that would be roughly equivalent light or too much,
> too little?
> Last - how hot do they run?  Along the lings of NO, PC,
> VHO or worse?  Ie, should I use a fan?  Thanks for the
> help!
> --
> Sarah M. Lardizabal 
> slardizabal at comcast_net
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