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[APD] anyone running T5's?

Does anyone here run T5's on their tanks?  I know its still a kinda new technology but I was hoping someone here had taken the plunge with them.  I hear they put out a lot more light than the average T12 or T8 because of the smaller diameter.. and are even better than PC/CF's (?).  

I want to replace a fixture with 6700K 96W PC light and was hoping to put in its place 4 18W 6700K T5's.  Do we think that would be roughly equivalent light or too much, too little?

Last - how hot do they run?  Along the lings of NO, PC, VHO or worse?  Ie, should I use a fan?  Thanks for the help!

Sarah M. Lardizabal 
slardizabal at comcast_net
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