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Re: [APD] Looking for safe shrimp/plant medicine for treating parasites

At 08:11 PM 6/2/2005 +0000, Julie Beale wrote:
>Hi Everyone,
>My 20 gallon tank is infested with parasites and I'm looking for medication 
>that won't harm my plants and shrimp.  I had to treat my 10 gallon fish tank 
>with coppersafe but as we know, this isn't save treatment for shrimp.  I 
>would hate to tear my tank down and start over again or have to treat the 
>tank and lose all my shrimp.  Thanks for your help.

There probably isn't one that will kill the invertibrates you don't
want but will not harm the ones you want. But, paraistes are generally
very specific. If it were me I'd take the fis hout for a month and
let whatever parasite is in there die off. They cannpy survive without
fish and can noy live on shrimp (or each other).


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