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[APD] new arrival

Many of you have asked us in the last year or so, if we could supply Ludwigia "Cuba".

Until now we could not, but at last we managed to get a reasonable quantity of this most attractive plant

However they will go on a first come first served basis, and we have a number of orders pending, so if you wish some of these please contact us right away


Aquarium Landscapes

Tel 410.526.0573 Fax 410.526.0574

E Mail fishvet@ fishvet.com
Internet pages. http://www.fishvet.com

Fish-Vet produce the finest multi media Computer programme, for aid in determination of Disease, Nutritional, & Toxicological problems . It is used by Governements, Veterinarians, Fish Farmers, Universities, River Boards, Public Aquaria, Live Fish dealers, & more in some 32 countries. Free demo on our web pages.

Fish-Vet also offer world wide Consultancy, with a team of experts, & state of the art technologies.

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