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[APD] Suggestions for a new setup please

Hi there all. I'm getting a 40 gal. tank to be heavily planted and I wanted opinions on how I was thinking of setting it up.

Most importantly, I would really like to do this tank without a filter. I have read where this can be successful and I would like to try it. Mostly for financial reasons but also because I would like to breed cherry red shrimp for my LFS - I always have so many get sucked up by my Magnum HOT canister.

I was thinking of using an under gravel heating system to aid in circulation (and plant growth)....for substrate, I was thinking a layer of laterite followed by several inches of Eco Complete (I love this stuff in my other planted tanks). I'm wondering whether a powerhead might be needed for further circulation? Also, is there a conflict with having under gravel heat and MTS's? I'd hate for those snails to turn into escargo!

I'm thinking that between the snails and shrimp, solid detritus will be taken care of and the plants will utilize/filter the rest from the medium fish load (hence no need for the filter right??) I imagine I could run the micron-filter from the Magnum once a month or so to polish the water. Water changes will be weekly using RO/DI water.

I'm looking to get a Coralife Aqualight Double at 192 watts giving the tank nearly 5wpg. With that and CO2 injection through a mounted diffuser, plant growth should be vigorous enough to provide inhabitants with enough oxygen.

OK, so any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated as I'm very eager to get this project started!

Many thanks,


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