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Re: [APD] SAE's available in Cleveland area

It's neat to hear what's in other stores. I think it could be cool
though, if a few of you folks took a small digital camera when
you go to the fish store and took pics of things that
were unsual or of extemely high quality. If you send them to me I'll index them (ftp preferred, email in a pinch) and
over time it should give us a good idea of "what's around"
to say nothing of what it might do to make rare fish
more available.

I've done this exactly twice at The Menagerie in Toronto and have made this plea before, alas to no avail. So, I continue to
nag and will so so like an old woman till I start getting pics;
yes this is extortion.

Better yet... put up a web site using bbs software/template.. ala barrreport.com. then have the opportunity to start a thread for each territory/area.. then people can just add a post with images included for each addition. The search capability ought to be enough to navigate it. And it would require minimal webmaster upkeep.

well.. just a little brain storming after a few drinks ;]

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