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Re: [APD] Hygrophila costata

At 06:12 PM 5/27/2005 -0700, you wrote:
>Over a month ago I saw H. costata listed on an availability list from an 
>exporter in Indonesia, so I brought the plant in. I have not been able to 
>find any information on this plant other than an obscure reference with the 
>USDA, (it is not prohibited)  I pulled the plant from my WEB site after one 
>of my customers told me he thought what I sent was a form of Alternanthera. 
>Since then I have gotten confirmation from Indonesia that what I got is 
>indeed costata and not Alternanthera. Looking at the plant closely I see it 
>has very thin, but brittle "woody" stems typical of some Hygro species such 
>as stricta and corymbosa. The leaves are shaped like Alternanthera, but the 
>color is unique. It is sort of a olive green with a gray tinge to it It 
>appears to take root and grow very easily even in non C02 set ups. I have 
>never seen this pant sold anywhere or listed anywhere before. Does anyone 
>have any information on this plant?
>Robert Hudson

(Australian website)

(Hygrophila costata) 
Hygrophila costata is native to the Americas, from southern Mexico to
Argentina, and has naturalised in many tropical and subtropical areas around
the world. This weed has had a number of names including Hygrophila
brasiliensis, Hygrophila guianensis, Hygrophila conferta, Hygrophila
rivularis and Ruellia brasiliensis. 

Infestations occur in the Maitland and Port Stephens areas.

Control measures
Refer to your local weeds officer. Please report any suspected infestations.

NSW Agriculture Weed Alert

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