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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 21, Issue 33

Dave, see about getting a permit for snail eaters for control.
Birds, outlets to adjcent streams etc will make a difference there. 
Some agencies allow things like this with minimized risk in place. 
You might consider slug control chemicals.

I think the chances of reinfestations are very high. 
You are looking at a long term project here.
Bio control will not eradicate but should do well for pest control.

That with lime dipping might do the trick.
electric current is what I am using for destruction of Hydrill a tubers in the sediment.
I think it will fry plants also.

Here is a very good idea: max the CO2 to like 100ppm or higher.
This will kill many inverts/fish etc but not hurt plants. 

A slug dose of NH4, say ammonium chloride/sulfate etc might also be toxic enough to kill the vermin and not hurt plants.

Salt dips also possible(think what happens to slugs when you put salt on them).
But some plants do not respond well to some treatments.

Emersed growth is another.
Anti slug/snail sprays might work well.
You can remove the plants from the water, spray and  leave it a moist place for a few hours and then rinse and return. Plants that can handle emergent growth can be left that way. 

Seeing which works best with each plant species will be useful also.
This should reduce the hand picking needed.

You can also place the weeds in a holding tanks/pen indoors/covered etc full of Botia etc for a day or two and then remove the weeds and ship after they are snail free.

Tom Barr

"Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 16:13:59 +0930
From: Dave Wilson <aqua_green at bigpond.com>
Subject: Re: [APD] Snails  (again)
To: aquatic plants digest <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>


I am trying to control 3 species  of snails (Glyptophysa sp., Gyralis sp. &
Austropeplea lessoni) in 18 ponds linked together totalling 63,000 litres
and would love to know a method that will kill all the snails and not hurt
the plants.   

I have tried copper sulphate mixed with citric acid (10/1) at 150 parts per
billion per day until control animals were dead.  The snails came back and
it hurt many of the plants

I have tried trichlorofon up to 2 ppm which killed all the ramshorns that
were a problem.   It also killed most fishes except the rainbowfish.  It did
not seem to hurt the plants.  The other snails came back.

I tried a funguscide called chlorothalinol that killed all the snails except
a couple that did not show themselves for weeks after the poisoning.   It
also defoliated all the plants and put the place out of action for several

Has anyone tried electric current and molluscs.   How do snails or their
eggs react to electric current?

Any possibility of using exotic fish such as clown loach is not an option
here in the north of Australia because of Government regulations.
Physical removal of snails is practised every day.  Any ideas on permanent
snail removal would be appreciated.

Dave Wilson"

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