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Re: [APD] Snails (again)


I am trying to control 3 species  of snails (Glyptophysa sp., Gyralis sp. &
Austropeplea lessoni) in 18 ponds linked together totalling 63,000 litres
and would love to know a method that will kill all the snails and not hurt
the plants.   

I have tried copper sulphate mixed with citric acid (10/1) at 150 parts per
billion per day until control animals were dead.  The snails came back and
it hurt many of the plants

I have tried trichlorofon up to 2 ppm which killed all the ramshorns that
were a problem.   It also killed most fishes except the rainbowfish.  It did
not seem to hurt the plants.  The other snails came back.

I tried a funguscide called chlorothalinol that killed all the snails except
a couple that did not show themselves for weeks after the poisoning.   It
also defoliated all the plants and put the place out of action for several

Has anyone tried electric current and molluscs.   How do snails or their
eggs react to electric current?

Any possibility of using exotic fish such as clown loach is not an option
here in the north of Australia because of Government regulations.
Physical removal of snails is practised every day.  Any ideas on permanent
snail removal would be appreciated.

Dave Wilson

On 26/5/05 1:08 AM, "The Dragon Hunter" <dragon_hunter at dragons-realm.net>

> I thought I'd ask.  Getting ready to plant another tank and was wondering if
> yall had any suggestions to avoid an accidental infestation of snails when
> my plants arrive?  IS there anything I can do to make sure that there are no
> viable snail eggs hitching a ride on the plants?
> I know a lot of people like them, but I personally don't care for them.
> Almost have a black mystery snail outbreak under control in a 20 gallon tank
> and dread having to deal with a similar outbreak in my 60 gallon hex.
> Thanks in advance!
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