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[APD] Rift lake tank

So, I'm in the midst of planting my Rift Lake Tank.  The fish in it will
most likely be Tanganikans... I'm still thinking if I want to ad any
Malawian fish.  Does anyone know of a good place to find out about
keeping/breeding/mixing Tang's?

As for the plants... I'm going heave with ferns.  I have tonnes of Java and
quite a few Fontalis (or is it Bolbitus - why do I get those two mixed up?),
and I also have a lot of Crypt. balansae (or spiralis) and wentii that I was
thinking of planting.  It'll likely be a couple/few weeks before I start
stocking the tank w. fish, so hopefully they'll be pretty established by
then.  I also have a couple of Amazon Swords as well as a couple of Ozelots
that I'm thinking of planting here.

My plan for the layout (48"L x 13"W x 20"H) was to have a shell/rock island
on each end, with the C. balansae across the back.  I'd have a C. wentii
grove splitting the tank down the middle w. the swords dispersed around the
tank.  I have a bunch of smooth rocks that I'll place around the rooted
plants, and tie the roots to the rocks & shells.
I'm going to light it w. normal FL, and I know none of these plants are
picky there - probably around 2wpg.  I've also acquired a few Peace Lilies,
and I'll just let the roots dangle into the tank - I figured since most of
the plants are root-feeders (Onyx & enriched Aragonite substrate will feed
them), the lilies will help keep the nutrients out of the water column.

How's this sound?  I'm open to suggestions. I ended up buying a tank w.
tempered glass, so the refugium idea will have to wait for another day.



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