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[APD] coastal marsh

Just got back from a trip to the coast this weekend and came back with some buckets of mud, water, crabs, and some cord grass and other plants from a coastal marsh area north of town.

The plan is to recreate the area in a 5 or 10 gallon tank. Of course all the plants will be emersed or on land.. using driftwood and perhaps stones to keep the mud up high in one end and shallow in the other where the water will be. Further I think I'll put it near a window, so I won't need lighting.

Possibly .. if I have room in the water portion of the tank, I think I might put a pair of sailfin mollies or something else that would be happy in the environment. Of course this might require a larger tank for the endeavor. Any ideas? thoughts on that?

Frankly I'm looking for any and all opinions on this subject that anyone here may have. And certainly if anyone has messed with this idea or environment.. please share.

also toying with the idea of a timed pumping from another tank then draining to simulate the tide. Any thoughts on that? In regards of how to do it? etc etc..

thanks for the shared brain storming,
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