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[APD] Marquee lighting

On 5/20/05, S. Hieber <shieber at yahoo_com> wrote: 
> Also, btw, I've been told in no uncertain terms that the
> theme for the Aquascaping Contest this year *will not* be
> "The Rebirth of the Broadway Musical Comedy." So marquee
> lighting will not be necessary.
I was thinking of doing Christopher Lowell style uplights and downlights 
with high efficiency and submersible LED's. The drama of spotlighting that 
Ozelot Sword, the beauty of uplight sifted shadows thrown by water lettuce, 
the hint of mystery in the dimly lit slate loach house with whispy java moss 
spilling over the eaves and waving gently in the breeze. The school of 
cardinals haging in the darkness appearing as a mass of flowing blue lines 
on black lit only by the diffuse background lighting.
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