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[APD] Water Sprite

Someone asked for pics. The USDA-APHIS Identification of
Aquarium and Pond Plants database, which runs as a key
under Lucid, isn't much help with identification of the
sprites but has some pics.

If you click on Ceratoperis under Fern, and select images,
Cornuta, you get a pic ( a nice one by Shaun Winterton)
labeled as cornuta but that looks like pteroides. If you
select Notes, and then select Fact Sheet, you get that same
pic identified as pteroides -- you also get some pics of

[Btw, if you haven't yet gotten it, you can get the
USDA-APHIS Identification of Aquarium and Pond Plants from
this link:
USDA-APHIS Identification of Aquarium and Pond Plants

You need to install a a database front end called Lucid to
run the database (called a key under Lucid), but you can
run the "key" under the *free* demo version of Lucid.
Despite this little vagary re water sprite, it's an
excellent plant identification tool.]

This very same, er, confusion, is prevalent all over the
web re cornuta, thalictroides, and pteroides. Once I saw 
it in the USDA-APHIS database, I knew the ballgame was
over, for the time being anyway.

Still, no matter what you call them, they are nice aquatic
ferns. If you get some now, you can fill a 90 gallon tank
in time for the AGA Aquascaping contest. You just don't see
much in the way of floating plants in aquascape photos, do

Also, btw, I've been told in no uncertain terms that the
theme for the Aquascaping Contest this year *will not* be
"The Rebirth of the Broadway Musical Comedy." So marquee
lighting will not be necessary.

Scott H.
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