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[APD] Isoetes killipii

Hello there,
I was wondering if someone could give me some information as I am thinking
about a small research project involving Isoetes:
Does anyone know if it is possible to grow Isoetes killipii and is there any
specific information related to this species?
Ultimately I want to know if the plants will make macro-spores when grown in
a aquarium.
I realise that my request is very specific and the species is probably not
in culture, but if you have anything that might be relevant I would really
appreciate that.
The plant grows in the N.- South America. I suspect in slighlty acidic
There may be a possibility to grow the species starting from spores, but how
long will that take before the plants will make spores? Does the plant need
special treatment to make it form macrospores or are these produced
In the end it is all about the spores, if I. killipii turns out to be too
complicated I would like to consider another Isoetes species, so any
experience you might have on these plants and spores formation is highly
Thanks very much for reading this,
Kind regards,
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