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Re: [APD] RE: Ph controller -- or pHun with pHacts

--- Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net> wrote:

> . . . We add CO2 to help the plants grow better, the 
> plants do
> not use CO2 at
> night(well, one genus does, Isoetes, a CAM plant).
> So why add it?

Simpler system; fewer mechanical parts; doesn't make a big
diff one way or the other.

> . . . I think the whole business about pH changes is 
> extremely
> over rated and
> over blown with respect to CO2 injection............
> Some of it is just plain wrong.

I think even more can be affirmed. Assuming your aquarium
doesn't shed CO2 almost as fast as you add it -- a
situation that begs for correction anyway -- then the
change in pH is negligible whether one uses constant (24-7)
CO2 addition, pH controller regulation of the CO2, or light
timer regulation of the CO2. 

Even if pH swings are in important issue, it's not an issue
relevant to the choice of whether one uses a solenoid on a
CO2 system.

A solenoid is no more necessary for good aquatic gardening
than is a pH controller. But it won't hurt.

Some Phun reasons for using a solenoid:

The meachnaphobic compulsion -- It came on the regulator
and I don't like unscrewing things. This is actually fairly
common despite the years of telethons.

The Technophilial Temptation -- The solenoid wants to be
used; the treads fit together so nicely; the soft barely
audible hum sings to me; it's warmth consoles me; its
energy excites me . . .

The Math Bath Indulgence -- It gives me data that really
spins the propeller on my beancounter beanie. I get to
compute saving a little bit on CO2 against the offset of 
slightly increased startup costs and a bit higher
electrical consumption, while making assumptions about the
linearity of future energy prices.

The Argumentum ad Hominem. So and so does it so it must be
right. Of course, you must pick hominem carefully since
many of the great ones don't use solenoids.

The Categorical Imperative -- If I can do with it then I
Kant do without it. This one doesn't seem to follow pure
reason but no one seems to really understand Kant anyway --
"Das erkentnisse ist meshuga!"

The Pastoral Appeal -- Like CO2, it's a part of nature,
although Solenoidus axelrodii has yet to be found in the

The Aristotelean Anatomy -- it was once thought to cool the

The Animation Affectation -- Inspector Gadget is my
favorite movie.

Have widgets, have fun,
Scott H.

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