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[APD] RE: refuge Jason's tank


Onyx sand is also called grey Coast Calcite(CaCO3).
I'd use that for the tank (dark) or (white) south down's play
sand(Aragonite) if you can find it(Home Depot pulled it I believe after the
reefers figured it out). Aragonite sand should still be dirt cheap, folks
are truly gouging aquarist.

You can add laterite to southdowns also and if you also add some well
soaked soil/mud, then you have "miracle mud" used in Marine refugium set

Aragonite will dissolve a bit easier than Calcite even though they have the
same chem formula, CaCO3, their structure is different and this effect

You may also use one of my favorites for Rift tanks, Dolomite sand!!
Has all the GH and KH you need.
You can also add a little dolomite to Onyx or Aragonite on the bottom layer.
I would use leonardite over peat in a rift tank as well.
Add mulm no matter what(every new tank substrate!!!).

Tom Barr

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