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[APD] RE: Jerry's tank

> You helped me out about a year ago as I was setting up a tank in my
> office for African Cichlids. I set up a 75 gal with a refugium in the 
> stand(20L&10 gal plastic tank in series), 55w PC for lighting, Duckweed, 
> Hygro, and Crypts for plants. I also made two boxes out of Polypropylene
> PVC to act as hydroponic cells for Peace Lilies. One is your plastic tube 
> design and the other is a box filled with constantly flooded gravel media 
> with the tank water circulating through it. Twice now the Peace lilies
> died in these tanks. The roots rot.

I suggest using hydroponic media the clay porous balls, not gravel.
I no longer have the old emails from then, perhaps they are archioved, but
I do not recall telling anyone to use gravel ever.
I've never had anything but weed like growth. 

> I relied on the office room lighting 
> because you said these plants would grow as long as you could read. This 
> still seems correct to me as these plants are found in Malls, Betta bowls 
> and other low light areas. Do you have any comments as to why the plants 
> die?

I doubt the lighting is an issue unless there are no windows/pretty dim

> Thinking the death of the plants was due to insufficient light(in spite
> what I just said above), I ordered a 48 inch 4x55w bright kit from AH 
> Supply. It should arrive Thursday. I plan to suspend it above the plant 
> stand from the ceiling. I spoke to our electrician today and he is going
> wire me an outlet to plug in the timer. If the Peace lilies die again I
> to purchase a 110 gallon tank to replace the plant stand and plumb it in 
> with the Mbuna tank. The 48 inch Bright kit will then be used for this

Switch the media instead and save the $ on lighting(It will not hurt
I know of no reason other than damage(but these are tough weeds), or the
gravel, or there are no fish/fish food being added or ferts available for
the plants. I've done these set ups many times, never had any rot with

Plants need ferts, light, CO2 and water to grow.
The only thing I see is the gravel, the clay balls should fix it.
Everything else is pretty much what I do and I never had plant issues other
than too much growth.

Tom Barr

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> Thanks
> Jerry Smith
> Bloomingdale, NJ

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