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[APD] 2 more tedious compressed gas set up questions

After a morning unsuccessfully trying to buy regulator
from an unbelievably hostile welding shop supply store
employee (who evidently believed that compressed CO2
was intended by God only for welding uses), I decided
to give up and ask the group:

1.  Do I really need a pH controller?

2.  If not, and I order the Milwaukee set up (both of
which I hope you approve), what do I do with the
solenoid?  Take it off?  Does it come off this set up?

Thanks in advance,

Darrell Fennell

P.S.  I realize that there is probably an answer to
this in the archives, but I have spent so much time
reading contradictory advise on the subject, and
having talked to this salesman (who is as adept at
customer relations as I am in setting up this gas tank
system), if I don't plunge in soon I'm going to talk
myself out of the whole thing.

Thanks again,


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