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Re: [APD] Re: water sprite

Nice one.

I think there's a fifth species on record, not sillquosa,
but, iirc, an annual like ricardii.

Thalictroides & cornuta are pretty easy to distinguish from
pteroides if you have them in hand. It's the thalictroides
varieties and cornuta that seem to confound folks,
sometimes, perhaps, causing folks assume a cornuta specimen
to be pteroides when they compare cornuta to thalictroides.
Or maybe it's the other way around, depending on who's
holding what in one's hands. ;-)

Oh well, why should these plants be sorted out any better 
than so many others. But then, even the Köchel numbers for
Mozarts works, once long thought to be settled, have turned
out to be a bit mixed up in the order.

have plants, have fun,
Scott H.
--- Kyle Williams <amomum1 at yahoo_com> wrote:
> Here's probably the most useful paper in terms of
> identifying Ceratopteris.  It's 30 years old, but no one
> appears to have done a detailed taxonomic treatment since
> then.  Lots of papers have been done looking at molecular
> and chromosome details to try and figure out some of the
> forms, so hopefully someone will take another stab at it
> using the newer information.  But until then this paper
> is probably as current as it gets for taxonomy and far
> more reliable than seeing a name in a LFS or online
> catalog.
> Lloyd_RM. 1974. 
> Systematics of the genus Ceratopteris Brongn.
> (Parkeriaceae): 2. Taxonomy. 
> Brittonia 26(2): 139-160 (1974) 
> This paper has lots of diagrams of leaf shapes and
> detailed discussions of morphology.  It also has a
> taxonomic key to the species.  He recognized 4 species:
> C. thalictroides, C. cornuta, C. pteroidies, and C.
> richardii.  Among other things he considers C. siliquosa
> to be a synonym of C. thalictroides.
> Larger university libraries (or ones with good botanical
> libraries) will have this paper.  If you are really
> interested in this paper contact me and I will see if I
> can send a copy (it is written by taxonomists for
> taxonomists, so if you aren't prepared to deal with the
> terminology then don't bother).     

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