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Re: [APD] Re: Planted Tank as Rift Lake Refugium

CO2? Yes. I put Excel in my Tanganyikan tank.The salt level in that tank is 
closer to Victoria than Tanganyika but its still pretty hard water. My pH 
runs around 7.8. I have a riverine tank that also uses Excel. Without it 
plant growth is quite slow. The riverine system develops BBA if I don't dose 
about twice the recommended amount of Excel -- don't ask me why. 
 Plants in the Tang tank are water hyacinth, rotala rotundiflora, a rare 
rotala, a common sword that got there by accident and corkscrew Val. The 
riverine tank has some form of hydrocotyle -- don't know which one because 
I'm just growing it out fo the LFS -- sagitaria subulata, ludwigia repens, a 
bit of hygro and some frogbit. The water hyacinth is going nuts. The vals do 
okay. The rare rotala -- I'd have to look up which one it is -- is growing 
gangbusters but the rotala rorundiflora is much more slow growing. That's 
odd because rotala rotundiflora in my CO2 injected tanks grows much more 
quickly than the rare rotala.
 Are you going to need to put all your fish (I'm assuming cichlids) in the 
tank at the same time? If so I'd be tempted to set up the refugium first 
with plants and mulm. I'd also recommend something Tom told me to do -- put 
some leonardite or peat at the bottom of the substrate. I use the cheap, 
soft charcoal sold for use in filters, which is put it into kneehigh 
stockings then covered with substrate. I've found that plants seem to grow 
better with that in the tank, and plant roots grow towards and into the 
carbon tubes..

 On 5/16/05, jvision at telus_net <jvision at telus_net> wrote: 
> I'm planning on buffering the Rift Lake tank with CaCO3 - gonna have a lot 
> of
> oyster/clam shells in there - so, will I need to add CO2 to the refugium? 
> I
> was thinking that if the C was too limited, it'd probably be better to go 
> with
> the SeaChem product instead.
> We've got a long weekend coming up in Canada, so I'm probably going to set 
> most
> of it up then... tho, I want to rework my 35 gal planted tank, too...
> So much to do, so little time!
> Thanks!
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